Program Planning: working with interior designers and other professionals, the collection and assimilation of pertinent information on business objectives, organizational strategy, departmental and employee requirements, work styles and preferences.

Schematic Design: the development of interior schematic floor plans to determine overall and departmental square footage requirements and adjacencies, along with spatial and contextual relationships with other interior elements.

Application Design: the development of product ideas which satisfy specific design and client criteria.

Space Planning: in collaboration with an interior designer and client, the development of detailed floor plans; including specific furniture designs, configurations and locations.

Product Specification: the development of detailed product information including dimensions, appropriate options, finishes, cost and lead times.

Budgeting: estimates of product and associated service costs to assist clients in establishing budgets.

Order Management: supervision of the order throughout the manufacturing, delivery and installation process.

Project Management: coordination of overall project schedule and logistics from specification, order development, manufacturing process, delivery, installation and post-installation resolution.

Installation and Reconfiguration: installation and reconfiguration of product according to manufacturer’s specifications, building codes and specific designer and client criteria.

Post-Occupancy Audit: post-installation analysis of work space to ensure designer and client objectives have been achieved.

Relocation and Move Management: coordination and assistance with company relocations, including the de-installation, move, and re-installation of commercial furnishings and personal belongings. This service may also include aspects of change management, or helping organizations prepare and assimilate their employees into the new work environment.

Asset Management and Warehousing: the storage and management of excess furniture inventory.

Cleaning and Maintenance: the cleaning and routine maintenance of a client’s furniture assets, to ensure its lasting value and compliance with manufacturer’s warranties.

Custom Millwork and Product Design: when standard manufacturer’s products are unsuitable, the design and development of custom or tailored products and furnishings.